A Christmas Carol

From the time that we are very young, there are some stories that we see and hear everywhere around Christmastime; one of those being A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Whether you are very young and see the Mickey Mouse version, or are old school and see one of the more original, older versions, the basis of Dickens’ story still remains the same.

Most people know the gist of Dickens’ story, A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge, an old, unhappy man who does not like to spare any money is the main character. While everyone else is excited about the Christmas season, Scrooge simply treats it as another day. He goes back to his house, and sees a ghost on his door knocker (the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley) but of course he can’t be seeing that, he’s just tired. So once upstairs, he is visited by Marley’s ghost who warns him of the three other ghosts that will soon be visiting him; the ghost of Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmases yet to come. Scrooge is a tad skeptical, but at the time Marley said the first ghost would arrive approaches, Scrooge becomes nervous. Of course the first ghost, Christmas past, arrives and takes him on a walk down memory lane visiting the Christmases of his childhood, and causing many sad emotions for Scrooge. After he sees all that has passed him by, he is returned to his bed. The second of his three ghosts, Christmas present arrives not long after, taking him to see the people around him and how their Christmases are, including one of Scrooge’s workers and his family with their very ill son, Tiny Tim. After seeing everyone around him and how little they think of Scrooge, he is yet again returned to his bed just to be awakened by the last of his three ghosts, Christmases yet to come. This ghost takes him to a funeral of an unnamed man and people talking about how happy they are that he has gone, and to Tiny Tim’s funeral and his grieving family. Once Scrooge finds that it was his funeral at the beginning, he vows to change. Once he is returned on Christmas morning, he can barely contain his excitement as he hurriedly gets dressed and runs out to donate to the charities he had once turned down, and help provide for Tiny Tim and his family.

Clearly this story is written as a lesson. When we don’t take the time to be kind to those around us, and take care of those that we are able to, those people tend to stop caring as much about us. No one wants to end up like the Scrooge the ghost of Christmases yet to come shows us; no one missing you, no one at your funeral, and people even somewhat happy you are gone. With Christmas coming up, we can be the pre-ghost Scrooge, or the Christmas morning Scrooge; choose wisely!