The Sublime and the Beautiful in Marvel’s Daredevil [Spoilers]


In the spring, Marvel Studios collaborated with Netflix to create the series Daredevil, based upon the long-running Marvel comic series of the same name. The comics and the series follow the blind lawyer Matt Murdock. As the vigilante Daredevil, Miurdock wages war with organized crime in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. The first season’s primary antagonist is the mysterious Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk.

Steering away from Marvel Studio’s usual upbeat, action/comedy approach, Daredevil presents a darker, grittier scene, focusing on bureaucratic corruption and socioeconomic battles (there are no shiny suits of armor or angry green men in Hell’s Kitchen).

Fisk is a very intriguing character. Though he turns to crime and manipulation, his goals are the same as Murdock’s; where the two differ is in method. As the series progresses, we are shown more and more of the complicated makeup of Wilson Fisk. One scene that sticks out from the season involves…

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