Fantomina Meme


This meme is for the story “Fantomina” by Eliza Haywood. This meme, named “Hurt Bae,” was originally taken from a viral video that revolved around a couple discussing the downfall of their relationship, post-breakup. This famous line comes from being asked how many times he had cheated during the relationship. The idea of infidelity is seen within both the video and the novel, but I found this exact line fitting in regards to the relationship between Fantomina and Beauplaisir, because when Fantomina’s mother inserts herself into the drama, Fantomina is very hesitant to reveal her wrongdoings to both her mother and Beauplaisir. Although Fantomina ends up confessing to her escapades, she had become so caught up in her trickery that as a result, she has a baby. It’s humorous to imagine her forgetting or evading the exact details of her schemes when being confronted by Beauplaisir and her mother due to her shame.