The Lady’s Dressing Room MEME

This meme represents Strephon’s lack of knowledge toward women. In Jonathon Swift’s “The Lady’s Dressing Room”, Strephon goes into Celia’s dressing room and finds out how filthy and stinky her chamber is. He finds her dirty smock, combs filled with dirt, jars filled with spit, and cosmetics from dog intestines that get filthy while women are try to attempt this ideal image and meet men’s expectations. With all these materials needed it is no wonder why Celia takes five hours to get ready in her dressing room. Strephon goes on about his snooping when he discovers Celia’s chamber pot, the “Pandora box” and is faced with the reality that Celia is not as seen as a “goddess” anymore but as a disgusting human like himself as he shouts “ Oh! Celia, Celia, Celia Shits!” Strephon can no longer look at women the same, as he sees through their wigs and painted faces. Crazy that women poop!