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Vanity of Vanities!


What’s the meaning of life? What are the ends of my actions, of my thoughts? What will be my legacy? Questions are everywhere and the great search is for the answers. The great… Continue reading

Isolation and Discomfort: Trollope and McCandless


How is life changed between when you’re comfortable with a group of people and when you’re an outcast, isolated? What are the reasons we put ourselves in these uncomfortable situations? Frances Trollope fled… Continue reading

Dualism in the Victorian Age


In Victorian literature , there is an exploration and practice of the idea of duality. Duality, humorously and simply stated, is the split of one into two, while still existing as one. One… Continue reading

John Keats’ Representation in the Romantics


John Keats was an impactful player in the Romantic literary movement. Though he may seem in the shadows of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelly, and Byron, he is noted with the group for a reason:… Continue reading

Shelley On the Sea Shore?


There are pros and cons to being a rock star, and the same goes for being an amazing writer. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote the ever-clever Ozymandias, hung out with bros Lord Byron &… Continue reading

A Swiftly Indecent Proposal


Every person with any cultural capital at all knows or has heard of great comedy satire/parody shows like The Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live, and those people most likely don’t think about… Continue reading

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