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Shelley’s Monster vs. Haggard’s Monster


Henry Rider Haggard’s She is the story about a man and his adopted son and their sojourn to a far away place inhabited by a tribe and their goddess-like ruler that shows her… Continue reading

The Victorian Woman vs. She


The Victorian era brought forth new ideas of thinking, through literature and art, people were exploring to places they had never before seen, and the industrial revolution caused the idea of social reform… Continue reading

Stevenson’s West and East Side Story


In a time when the golden social standard was upheld by being a devout Christian, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale serves as an insightful symbol of the battle between good and evil, and… Continue reading

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


       In 1797 an event occurred that no one person could ever fathom. The literary superstars, William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft, gave birth to a literary protégé that would think up… Continue reading

Coleridge and Byron


After it publishing in the 1800’s Samuel Coleridge’s gothic tale of a young woman and her night with a mysterious marked lady, became wildly popular. This poem contained imagery and language that some… Continue reading

New Meaning of the word Benevolent


Being taken to a brand new exciting place, meeting new people maybe even a new love, and learning new activities one has never heard of, sounds enticing and alluring, but the harsh reality… Continue reading

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