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Merry Christmas


Before attending this class, I had never once read A Christmas Carol. Not only that, but I had never even seen any kind of adaptation. I knew the story. I knew the symbolic… Continue reading

Victor: Mary Shelly’s Beowulf


During my Heroes and Monsters of the North Sea Literature course, Professor Smith made the argument that the epic poem Beowulf was a tale that centered on humanity’s duality. To a more causal… Continue reading



In the last two segments, I addressed the prevalent hyper-sexualized women that appear throughout She. There is a stark contrast with the time period and the popular view of women; it is exotic… Continue reading

The Line


I had a discussion with a friend that spurred this. The word literally has evolved to the point where its secondary meaning also incorporates hyperbole. My friend was upset. He critiqued that words… Continue reading

A Further Discussion


Friday, I made the case that the authors writing about the “Industrial Predicament” were too involved with their present state to consider the possibility that their present state was not new. While the… Continue reading

The Legacy Within Watchmen


 -“My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Percy Shelly, “Ozymandias” 

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