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Haggard’s Adventures in South Africa


An author’s works are always made more stimulating and enjoyable if the author is able to draw from personal experiences to bring characters and stories to life. H. Rider Haggard does this with… Continue reading

Christina Rossetti and the Church Penitentiary Movement


Following the extreme rise in prostitution during the Victorian period many rehabilitation groups appeared to provide a safe place for “fallen women.” These organizations relied on the voluntary assistance of English citizens to… Continue reading

Bringing to Life the Despondent Lady


Paintings have a powerful way of bringing characters to life, providing an image of their struggle. John William Waterhouse knew this better than anyone. His paintings of “The Lady of Shalott” give an… Continue reading

Similarities Between Manfred and Satan


Throughout Lord Byron’s Manfred there are several allusions and references to John Milton’s Paradise Lost, specifically to the words of Satan. The development of the satanic hero is displayed in Manfred through his… Continue reading

Dehumanizing the Dehumanizer


In his poem The Negro’s Complaint William Cowper explores the dehumanizing effects of slavery and the slave trade not only on the slave but also on the slaveholder. Cowper shifts the perspective in… Continue reading

From a Cave to a Castle


In the aftermath of the shipwreck that left Robinson Crusoe stranded, one of his first endeavors was to secure a safe habitation. The development of this habitation and Crusoe’s attitude towards it provides… Continue reading

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