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Hulk, Hyde, and Frankenstein


Since its first publication in 1962, Marvel’s Incredible Hulk series has entertained audiences in print as well as film. Despite the Hulk’s smashing success in recent years, Stan Lee’s bipolar superhero owes a… Continue reading

Albatross: What Flavor Is It?


Though officially defined as a large, web-footed seabird, the albatross has held cultural significance since Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s publication of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” While seen as a symbol of good… Continue reading

Allegedly Olaudah: The Origin of Equiano


Upon its publication in 1789, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano dramatically altered society’s outlook on race relations, the slave trade, and the abolitionist movement. Fueled by Equiano’s firsthand accounts… Continue reading

Writing on the Stall: Swift’s Use of Bathroom Humor


Throughout his career, Jonathan Swift consistently blurred the line between highbrow satire and lowbrow humor. A polarizing figure in English and Irish literature, Swift’s off-color writing style still finds a way to leave… Continue reading

Robinson Crusoe: Based on a True Story*


Published nearly 300 years ago, Robinson Crusoe is regarded as one of the earliest novels written in the English language. The text’s widespread success throughout Europe immediately catapulted Daniel Defoe to literary fame… Continue reading

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