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The Great Social Evil (or, “Render up your body or die”)


I’d like extend our class discussion about “fallen women” to certain social contexts that relate to, and frame, that concept. In particular, I’d like to look at a three Victorian documents dealing with… Continue reading

What’s that in your pocket, Keats?


I’d like to use John Keats’ July 18th, 1818 letter to Benjamin Bailey as a starting point for reading three poems composed the following year. Keats writes, “I am certain I have not… Continue reading

Legacy Unavoided: Gulliver’s Travels and today’s computer-generated poetry


Gulliver’s visit to the Academy of Lagado involves seeing various “scientific” experiments. One of these illustrates a complicated machine with wires and levers attached to wood-blocks that stamp-out words, creating random sentence fragments.… Continue reading

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