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A Christmas Carol: The Political Backstory


Charles Dickens is a character much loved for his great contribution to English literature in the Victorian era. His thrilling stories, vivid characters and exhaustive depiction of contemporary life in the mid 1800s… Continue reading

Victorian Ideals in The Lady of Shalott (EC)


Throughout the Lady of Shalott, Tennyson reappropriates medieval history for Victorian audiences by bringing forth the duality of experience vs. innocence and a theme of the repercussions of sexual desire. In this poem,… Continue reading

La Belle Dame Sans Mercy: A Song of Unrequited Love


  John Keats embodies the concept of unrequited love in his work, La Belle Dame Sans Mercy. The stylistic elements incorporated throughout this piece not only add to the melancholy nature of the… Continue reading

Jonathan Swift’s Lasting Legacy: How A Modest Proposal Impacts the 21st Century


Throughout history it has been stressed that the space between social classes can be fixed and something can be done to bridge this widening gap, but can there really? In A Modest Proposal,… Continue reading

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