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Stevenson’s Critique of Social Construction


After researching Robert Louis Stevenson’s early life, I have developed thoughts regarding his piece, The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As a high school student I read this text and… Continue reading

Defining Factors of Life


Throughout Frankenstein, Mary Shelley creates subliminal critiques on the enlightenment that Victor’s exploration strives to grasp throughout the tale. She provides critiques and curiosity that are long-lasting and well-rounded thoughts which prove the… Continue reading

Keats Influence on Modern World


John Keats’ artistic expression through his poetry proved him to be a forerunner of the second generation of romantic poets. Although his works didn’t reach their full potential and popularity before his death,… Continue reading

Accessing the Supernatural Realm


Samuel Coleridge creates a divine sense of majestic curiosity through his piece, Christabel. One central theme that evokes this feeling is the subliminal sense of being in touch with the supernatural realm. The… Continue reading

Reflections through the eyes of the unknown


Wordsworth’s poem, “written a few miles above Tintern Abbey,” produces a beautiful insight to the sublime and questions our state of being through the presentation of the text.  This poem, composed with a… Continue reading

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