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The Veil of Permanence Removed


The veil has often been one of my favorite symbols. In modern times, it’s most often used in traditional wedding ceremonies to symbolize the bride’s virginity, innocence, modesty, and the protection of her… Continue reading

Charles Dickens, Time Traveler and Ghostbuster


The Doctor, Rose Tyler, and on the far right, Charles Dickens attending a seance to communicate with the “ghosts.” At the end of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, there is a bit of… Continue reading

Christina Rossetti: Lizzie becomes Laura


            Often, it is said, “life imitates art.” In many ways, some by design and others mere happenstance, the reverse applies to the life of Christina Rossetti and her… Continue reading

Lamia, Now and Then


In John Keats’s poem Lamia, we are treated to the tale of a creature cursed by the gods to be serpentine who is then allowed to circumvent her curse and take human form… Continue reading

Reflections In A Dusty Mirror


It has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In Edmund Burke’s case, it would seem good intentions pave what is an otherwise unstable argument.  In Reflection on… Continue reading

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