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The Story in Frame


Fiction in the grand scheme is accepted as false, and yet readers allow themselves to be fooled, for a time, getting caught up in the story. There are many devises that can enhance… Continue reading

American Manners Matter


During the 20th century there were many aspects of American life that baffled English society. As America tried to make their own new society and government, England watched from afar and sometimes up… Continue reading

Educating an Author


The beauty of reading a work of great influence goes beyond the beauty of the text; it can also give us insight into the writer. Through reading Frankenstein we get a look at the… Continue reading

Gothic Before Weird


Do you enjoy the works of China Mieville? What about H.P. Lovecraft? Both of these great authors along with many more have written great stories of dark fiction. As the genre of fiction… Continue reading

Eccentrics of Blake


          While poetry covers an array of topics one author stands alone, William Blake. He wrote about many different things during his life. Blake was known well in some circles during his life,… Continue reading

Holding Onto Providence


It is common for man to find God in times of struggle. Throughout literature we see instances where the protagonist comes upon a challenge in his life, and then finds a way to… Continue reading

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