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Flyin’ Solo; The Original and Intergalactic Byronic Heroes


Byron’s hero is no small known creation in the world of literature, particularly in his work “Manfred”. This protagonist defines the Byronic hero as more or less the hero you hate to love,… Continue reading

Innocence Lost, and Innocence Regained; An Analysis of the Opinions of Blake and Wordsworth


  The Chimney Sweeper, 2009, by Nitrouz Picture courtesy of Romantics Blake and Wordsworth both share an infatuation with innocence, and lack thereof. These poets diverge regarding the return to and departing… Continue reading

Attack on the Enlightenment: Swift’s Satirical Analysis of Enlightenment Thinkers in Gulliver’s Travels


     Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels is one of the greatest known and most effective works of satire in the 18th century. At the heart of this satirical theme was the concept of ridiculousness, specifically during… Continue reading

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