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Empathy and the Economy


A recent scientific study has found empirical evidence that reading literary fiction makes a person more empathic. But this seems to have been the general consensus with writers and lovers of literature for… Continue reading

The White Queen’s Burden


H. Rider Haggard seemed quite fond of his immortal sorceress Ayesha, the titular antagonist of She, and featured her in three sequels to the 1887 novel. But Haggard does not simply explore and exploit the… Continue reading

Haggard’s She and Audience


At the time of Rider Haggard’s publishing of She, Western Europe had already become transfixed with the still largely unexplored African continent. Colonization was rampant, but Africa was a thing to be coveted,… Continue reading

A Brief History of Eastern African Empire in Relation to Haggard’s She


In She by H. Rider Haggard, the characters Holly, Leo, Job, and Mahomed find themselves becalmed on their whaling boat. As the boat nears the shore, Holly notices a colossal rock that he… Continue reading

The Impact of Life on a Work


Writers are a funny bunch of people. They’re world creators, taking bits and pieces from many places, and combining them in completely new ways. But the biggest things authors utilize are their own… Continue reading

Yamba’s Appeal to the British People


The Sorrows of Yamba by Hannah More and Eaglesfield Smith calls for the abrogation of Slavery within Britain and its colonies by not only giving an account of the atrocities dealt to the… Continue reading

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