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Christina Rossetti, “Goblin Market” & The Limits We Are Willing To Go.


Goblin Market is a narrative poem, penned by Christina Rossetti in 1862 (Damrosch & Dettmar, pg. 1643). This particular piece is considered to be her greatest work by many, and it has best… Continue reading

The Subliminally Haunted Beach


When thinking about the Romantic period, some incorrectly think of love and happily ever after in stories and poetry. Even though writers did focus on those specific themes, they were also heavily focused… Continue reading

Houyhnhnms, Humans, Dufflepuds, and Narnians: The Voyages of Jonathan Swift and C.S. Lewis


Gulliver’s Travels has enjoyed a royal position among literature as the ultimate sea voyage novel for the past three centuries. Since its inception in 1726 by Irish author Jonathan Swift, the book itself… Continue reading