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The Industrial Revolution as an Antithesis to Romantic Poetry


The Industrial Revolution had the most significant effect on Romantic poetry because it served as a direct antithesis to the poet’s subject matter during that time. The Industrial Revolution directly correlated with the… Continue reading

Percy Shelley’s Ode to Agricultural Reform


  From the poets of the Romantic era Percy Shelley is considered one of the most radical. Shelley was defined by his personal beliefs, which made both him and his poetry notorious, like… Continue reading

Victor Frankenstein’s Unhallowed Arts


Mary Shelley’s novel shares many similarities with Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” including the possible reading of her work being an allegory for the consequences of tampering with… Continue reading

The Masque of Anarchy Vs. Passive Resistance


The work of Percy Shelley was a powerful springboard for the principle of passive resistance, both at its publication in the midst of major political upheaval and during modern day conflicts. One of… Continue reading

Percy Shelley: Rebel and Lover


A rebel in his own right, Percy Bysshe Shelley seemed destined for his life in the limelight as an author, poet, radical, lover, and so on.  Born into wealth, Shelley was always sent… Continue reading

Three Cheers for the Militia: The Peterloo Massacre of 1819


In the summer of 1819, England was still reeling from the last of the Napoleonic Wars four years prior, and was faced with increasingly disparaging conditions for its people, especially the poor working… Continue reading

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