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It’s a Goblin’s Goblin’s Goblin’s Market


As so often seen in the Victorian Age, the idea of the world being a “man’s world” does not come as a surprise when thinking of Victorian literature. However, Christina Rossetti puts forth… Continue reading

Textual Analysis of Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”


Christina Rossetti’s Victorian-era poem, “Goblin Market”, is mired in allegorical representations of biblical proportions. Specifically, allusions to Eve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis as well as Christ’s… Continue reading

It’s Not You, It’s God: Christina Rossetti’s Relationship with Religion and Its Subsequent Role in her Poetry


I. INTRODUCTION Setting: 20th century Mont-Blanc retreat. Four reincarnated Romantic and Victorian poets are climbing the summit of the mountain, talking amongst themselves. Elizabeth Barrett (Not-Yet) Browning: So, like, this guy keeps sending… Continue reading

“Eat me, drink me, love me”: An Analysis of Masculinity, Spirituality, and Sexuality in “The Goblin Market”


The popular image of forbidden fruit, stemming from the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis, has become salient in numerous forms of media. Some of the most well-known renditions… Continue reading

The Rossetti’s Forbidden Desires


  Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” exposes the ideas and looks placed on women while also combining shocking concepts for that time.  Within the poem the reader will clearly see the sexual tones being used… Continue reading

The Sensual and the Vulgar: 100 Years of Illustrated “Goblin Market”


To know that people in the nineteenth century could actually read through the entirety of Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market and believe that it was intended as a child’s fairy-tale is almost embarrassing. For… Continue reading

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