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Sublime Stench: Burke, Montagu, and “The Lady’s Dressing Room”


In today’s stereotypical relationship, it is considered taboo for couples to pass gas, use the bathroom, or even vomit in front of each other. Jonathan Swift, sarcastic poet and political novelist, writes a… Continue reading

The Lady’s Dressing Room Meme


This meme shows the drastic change in how Strephon feels about Celia after looking at everything in her dressing room. Before he saw what was in her dressing room, he loved and cared… Continue reading

Jonathan Swift’s “The Lady’s Dressing Room” and the Cosmetic Conspiracy


The Lady’s Dressing Room Jonathan Swift’s 1730 scatological poem “The Lady’s Dressing Room” details the many horrors and humors a man discovers when he decides to sneak into his lover’s room. Composed during… Continue reading

Her Body, His Choice: Rape Culture and 18th Century Literature


It is a woman’s body, so it should be her choice as to what happens to it, right? Well historically, this has not been the case. This is not a new occurrence, as… Continue reading

Writing on the Stall: Swift’s Use of Bathroom Humor


Throughout his career, Jonathan Swift consistently blurred the line between highbrow satire and lowbrow humor. A polarizing figure in English and Irish literature, Swift’s off-color writing style still finds a way to leave… Continue reading

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