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Remembering Belinda


This meme is in reference to “The Rape of the Lock” by Alexander Pope and used V for Vendetta to illustrate the importance and huge impact The Baron created by cutting off a… Continue reading

Her Body, His Choice: Rape Culture and 18th Century Literature


It is a woman’s body, so it should be her choice as to what happens to it, right? Well historically, this has not been the case. This is not a new occurrence, as… Continue reading

Alexander Pope’s Evident Misogyny in The Rape of the Lock


During the height of satirical workmanship, Alexander Pope writes in response to an actual situation that occurred to the detriment of Mrs. Arabella Fermor. (Longman, 2471) In this situation, a lock of Arabella’s… Continue reading

Pope and Swift’s Satrical Shot at Society


Johnathan Swift and Alexander Pope used there literary skills to exploit the life of the upper class in England during the early 1700’s. Although both men had small segments of seriousness and rationale;… Continue reading

“Hail, Wayward Queen”: Misogyny and the Spleen


In the eighteenth century the spleen served as a means of psychological oppression and as a mechanism for the misogynistic construct of hysteria. Although the mental affliction was not scientifically understood, our predecessors… Continue reading

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