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The Gothic Sublime Mystery of Twin Peaks


This sublime scene was captured in the fictional television show, Twin Peaks. The murder of Laura Palmer haunts this small, sleepy town where the residents are full of secrets. Directors Mark Frost and David Lynch designed the show to be mysterious and disturbing, encompassing the sublime aesthetic which was described by Edmund Burke as that which “excite[s] the ideas of pain and danger… or operates in a manner analogous to terror” (37).

Make France Great Again: Burke, The French Revolution, and Conservatism


[Text] In today’s political landscape, the definition of conservatism has been corrupted by many people. Conservatism is often equated with the Republican Party, but this is not the case. The idea of conservatism… Continue reading

The Context of Theatre, Nature, and Science in Burke’s “Reflections”


The French Revolution started in France in 1789 and lasted until 1799. It marked the upheaval and eventual abolition of the French monarchy. The ten year span saw major events such as the… Continue reading

Ideological and Repressive State Apparatuses in Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France


The Idealogical and Repressive State Apparatuses RSA are social practices; which are imposed on individuals in a society and inform of the limits of the people. The ISA seeks to shape the norms… Continue reading

Wollstonecraft, Revolution, and Human Casualty


In November of 1790, political writer Edmund Burke published Reflections on the Revolution in France, lamenting the overturning of the French monarchy, sympathizing with the king and queen and speculating on the negative… Continue reading

Reflections In A Dusty Mirror


It has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In Edmund Burke’s case, it would seem good intentions pave what is an otherwise unstable argument.  In Reflection on… Continue reading

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