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Ideological and Repressive State Apparatuses in Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France


The Idealogical and Repressive State Apparatuses RSA are social practices; which are imposed on individuals in a society and inform of the limits of the people. The ISA seeks to shape the norms… Continue reading

Charles Dickens and the Industrial Landscape.


Charles Dickens was a powerfully sympathetic force in the Victorian Era towards the suffering Middle Class. He believed that misplaced ideals had lead the upper-middle class to pursue riches and delicacies while totally… Continue reading

Religious Metaphor in Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner


Samuel Taylor Coleridge, assisted by several other philosophers and writers of the time, helped to propel England into the Romantic Movement in the late eighteenth century. The movement marked England’s developmental shift out… Continue reading

Shelley’s Gothic


The Gothic novel capitalizes on bringing to life the horror of the fallen world. It relies heavily on setting and characters to demonstrate the total depravity of man. By taking a close look… Continue reading

Nature as Beautiful and Sublime in Wordsworth


The theme of many of William Wordsworth’s most famous works is a return to nature. Nature, as he describes it, has qualities both beautiful, inspiring love and passion, and sublime, inspiring terror and… Continue reading

Swift’s ties to Ireland and England as Backdrop in A Modest Proposal


Although Jonathan Swift speaks for the impoverished masses in Ireland holistically in his satirical piece “A Modest Proposal”, he had a personal beef with England and their relationship with Ireland stemming from his… Continue reading

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