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Alexander Pope’s Condescending Mock-Epic Towards Women’s Vanity


Gender roles in society have always put women in vain. Whether, in literature or in actual events, sexism has always been a great topic for confrontation. Alexander Pope wrote The Rape of the… Continue reading

Mary Prince and Slavery


  In 1831 Mary Prince’s story was published. Prince was born on a slave farm in Bermuda. Bermuda at this time was a British colony where half the population was slave. The major… Continue reading

Empathy and the Economy


A recent scientific study has found empirical evidence that reading literary fiction makes a person more empathic. But this seems to have been the general consensus with writers and lovers of literature for… Continue reading

She Who Must Imperialize


“In the end she would assume absolute rule over the British dominions, and probably over the whole earth, and, though I was sure that she would speedily make ours the most glorious and… Continue reading

Dualism in the Victorian Age


In Victorian literature , there is an exploration and practice of the idea of duality. Duality, humorously and simply stated, is the split of one into two, while still existing as one. One… Continue reading

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